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WCB3 & ICB3 36’’ Front Glass Panel Black

Model Number: SV09956BL

INTERCHANGEABLE GLASS PANELS ADD A TOUCH OF BOLD COLOR TO YOUR DECOR. With our exclusive selection of 8 trendy colors, you can personalize your decor to your own tastes. Our easily interchangeable glass panels offer you the flexibility to create a unique style you can adapt as you please. Feel like updating your decor? Simply change the glass panel for a new look. Be inspired!


  • Compatible with 36-inch WCB3 and ICB3 Series range hoods
  • WCB3I36SBN and ICB3I36SBN require a front glass panel for operation. Complete your hood by selecting from one of the 8 front glass panel color options
  • Change the look of your kitchen instantly with this easy-to-install glass panel
  • Smooth glass surface is easy to clean and maintain

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