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Internal iQ Blower System™ 800 Max Blower CFM

Model Number: IQ6

BEST Internal iQ Blower System™. Intelligent, quiet and energy efficient. State of the art iQ blower system offers operational flexibility based on your unique installation, delivering up to 30% faster smoke removal. Whether optimizing duct runs in a new home or dealing with the challenges of an existing installation, the iQ Blower System™ delivers greater performance than other high performance hoods with standard blowers, regardless of the mode in which you use it Full-rated performance from the iQ Blower System™ is assured with Guaranteed Performance System (GPS) Technology. Choose from two iQ Blower System™ options to handle the rigorous needs of cooktop and range performance requirements.


  • iQ Blower System™ are quiet because of the way they’re designed. It inherently operates at a considerable quieter rating than traditional high pressure blowers - in fact, it’s up to 2 times quieter.
  • Peak Performance in restricted or limited duct installations is possible. If the duct system design requires smaller sizes than recommended, iQ takes that into account and calibrates to the highest (peak) CFM possible. The performance level is significantly greater than that of standard hoods without the iQ Blower System™
  • Standard Performance allows you to install and use the range hood at factory settings. This delivers the performance found in our standard High Performance blowers which have led the industry for decades
  • iQ Blower System™ are energy efficient. The advanced DC motor technology is a balanced digital motor using as little as 8 watts of power. This motor delivers up to 22 times more energy efficiency than found in standard blowers. You’ll see the savings over the life of the product
  • iQ Blowers have a Guaranteed Performance System (GPS) calibration button that activates the internal process to analyze the duct system and adjust the hood to it's optimum working level. You experience up to 30% faster smoke and odor removal. Now, you get what you paid for!
  • 600 CFM @ 7.5 Sones (high), 140 CFM @ 0.3 Sones (low)
  • Duct size: 8" round; blower can be used in horizontal or vertical orientations, depending on the range hood selected. (Internal blowers are located inside the range hood.)

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