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Performance driven technology

When it comes to inspiring kitchens, performance has many meanings. At BEST it means a powerful, efficient and quiet blower as well as user-centric features that include, but go beyond, color and size.

Our high-performance hoods include technologies such as energy efficient LED lighting that covers the entire cooking surface, heat sensors that automatically adjust blower speed, and a wide array of electronic controls. Each and every piece of technology that goes into our hoods is there to make your kitchen perform for you.

Technology with a purpose. See our tips for successful operation.


Our exclusive Heat Sentry™ feature detects excessive heat and adjusts the blower speed to high automatically, so it protects your range hood from overheating and prolongs the life of the product.

Motor Design

BEST® Range Hoods with iQ Blower System™ use advanced digital motor technology for up to 22 times more energy efficiency. This innovative technology delivers normal air flow operation with as little as 8 watts of power and saves hundreds of dollars in energy expense over its lifetime.

LED Lighting

LED lighting brings together the best of all worlds—great lighting over the cooktop, low energy consumption and long life. You might never replace a light bulb again.


Decreasing blower sound levels without sacrificing performance was a major goal for BEST. Our iQ Blower System™ incorporates three innovations to deliver up to 2 times quieter operation. In fact, normal operation is so quiet it is silent. Making your life more comfortable and enjoyable.


Perimeter ventilation has two distinct benefits. One is a decorative panel which hides the mesh filters, providing a clean, sleek look that complements contemporary European kitchen design. The second is increased air flow around the perimeter of the hood, providing superior capture.


Many BEST Range Hoods are designed to work with a lightweight and conveniently sized remote control that enables the busy cook to stay in control from anywhere in the kitchen. The control is standard with some hoods and offered as an option on several others.


Whether pushbutton or glass-touch style, electronic controls are a pleasure to use and offer significant benefits that provide convenience and well-being. The iQ system moves controls a major step forward with intelligent GPS Technology that, for the first time ever, calibrates the hood to the home for peak performance.

5-Year Limited

BEST is committed to ensuring satisfaction with your new range hood. To help keep things in proper working order, BEST is offering a 5-year parts, 2-year labor limited warranty. See full terms and conditions.

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Surpassing all other range hoods in performance, sound and energy use

BEST Range Hoods created the first blower system that’s intelligent and quiet. The BEST iQ Blower System™—the most advanced, high-performance range hood blower available. Range hoods with the iQ blower: Remove smoke and odors 30% faster than the competition; Are up to two times quieter than other hoods, Can be up to 22 times more efficient than other hoods.

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With Code Ready Technology (CRT) code compliance has never been easier.

CRT allows the installer to set the maximum blower speed to achieve the right level of performance, offering another solution to address local codes or make-up air requirements.

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