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Exterior Blower 1650 Max Blower CFM

Model Number: EB15

BEST Exterior blowers provide exceptional performance and minimal sound levels by moving the blower to an exterior wall or the roof. Durable, sealed blower housings are crafted from weather-resistant aluminum and can be painted to match the roof or wall color scheme. Choose from various external blower options to handle the rigorous needs of cooktop and range performance requirements.


  • Thermal overload protected
  • Duct Size: 10" round
  • Installed at the duct termination point providing the greatest distance between the point of use and the blower
  • Electrical connections to both the hood and the exterior blower are required
  • Use with models UP26, UP27, WP28, WP29, WPD39M and all EX & E models
  • Thermal overload protected
  • Use with models KEX, IEX, K210A, K260A, PIK, & DDEX
  • For use with BEST® hoods and downdrafts, including the D49M Cattura downdraft, designed to use external blowers.

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