iQ Blower System


A range hood should inspire your creativity

It should give inspiration to your kitchen's design. It should inspire your culinary endeavors, too. And it should do both quietly and efficiently. That's why BEST Range Hoods created the first blower system that’s intelligent and quiet. The BEST iQ Blower System™—the most advanced, high-performance range hood blower available.

BEST Range Hoods offer more choices to ensure you have the power and performance your kitchen and cooking styles demand. Be inspired by our hoods' performance and bring your imagination to life.

iQ Technology
Surpassing all other range hoods in performance, sound and energy use. The iQ Blower System can make life more comfortable while providing confidence in the operation and effectiveness of your range hood.

Range hood with the iQ blower can be up to:


faster at smoke and odors removal than the competition.

2 times

quieter than other hoods.

22 times

more efficient than other hoods.

Broan BEST image

Flexible solutions for every installation:

  1. Great performance, when using specified duct sizes, is ensured by calibrating the hood at the touch of a button.

  2. Peak performance, even in challenging/restricted duct installations is possible because the iQ blower calibrates to the highest CFM level possible.

  3. Standard performance delivers confidence that the blower is operating at optimal factory settings.

IQ Blower System - Quiet Power

Quiet power is a beautiful thing. BEST Range Hoods, with the IQ blower system, remove smoke and odors up to 2 times quieter and up to 30% faster.

Models with IQ Blower System

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