D49M Series Downdraft Features

The BEST D49M Series is designed to be up to 35% quieter than any other downdraft on the market. It also features an impressive LED lightbar that illuminates the entire cooking surface, even pots and pans on the front burners! The seamless glass capacitive-touch control panel easily wipes clean. The slim silhouette allows you to design with confidence, knowing it will pair with virtually any cooktop appliance and with the versatility to fit many installation configurations.

D49M Series Installation Options

Realize design aspirations utilizing your favorite cooking appliances. The D49M Series downdraft from BEST frees you from constraints that previously limited your kitchen design options and appliance choices. For the first time, a downdraft can be installed with a free-standing range, drop-in range tops, gas or electric cooktop, slide-in range or a built-in oven with a cooktop. This ensures you can choose the type of cooking appliance best suited for your design and cooking needs.

D49M Installation Video

This video details the step-by-step installation process for the BEST Range Hood Model D49M downdraft system. With D49M Series, the groundbreaking new downdraft from BEST, you can design confidently, knowing it will pair with a broad range of cooktop appliances—aesthetically and mechanically—in virtually any installation configuration.

D49M Series Shadowgraph

With patent pending VERTEX™ Complete Capture Design, the dual inlet ports on the face of the D49M Series downdraft and across the arched top enable ventilation performance that rivals the finest island hoods. Shadowgraph imaging depicts the capture in vivid detail. Here heat, steam and smoke are clearly shown being drawn into the front and top inlets.

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