WC1 Series Voice Activated Chimney Hoods

These elegant pyramidal and t-style chimney hoods with powerful ventilation can meet the challenges of any home chef while featuring a traditional appearance that fits into practically any kitchen. Quiet operation and bright LED lighting enhance your cooking experience, while the voice activation feature provides hands-free operation of your range hood; control power, fan speed, and lights using only your voice. SmartSense® infrared sensors to monitor the heat coming from your range and then automatically adjusts your hood's fan speed to eliminate heat, CO2, and other cooking effluents.

WC1 Series Installation Video

See how easy it is to install the BEST WC1 Series Wall-Mount Chimney Range Hood. Follow the steps in this video to ensure proper installation and ducting of this product.

BEST Range Hoods with SmartSense Technology

Introducing SmartSense Technology enabling the range hood to automatically turn on and adjust its speed, quickly and effectively removing odors and pollutants when cooking. The hoods also have voice activation capabilities via WiFi connectively for easy, hands free operation.

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